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We have a 1989 W124 Mercedes 300 TE 24.We are looking to downsize to a FIAT Panda for local use as we also run a 2004 Mercedes S500, which we intend to hold on to. However, the general consensus is that we continue to run the W124 until it can run no longer, based on the assumption that it has no monetary value now and that the only cost involved is fuel. There is nothing mechanically suspect at the moment. Given that there must be a large number of your readers considering a similar move in the current economic climate, would your advice be to continue driving it until it fails, or downsize now for financial and environmental reasons? I currently drive it for around 30 miles per day.

Asked on 24 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Definitely. Tom Ford of 5th Gear recently bought an old W124 TE for £1,500 from a doctor and has just spend £700 on it. Keep it running on sensible maintenance. Only get rid when something hugely expensive fails, like the transmission or the ABS pump, and even then consider refurbing the component rather than replacing.

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