I tried to reapply for my over-70s licence, but apparently I don't need to. What's correct?

I always thought that I needed to reapply for a new driving licence at age 70. I have just attempted to do this, as I reach that age in early July. However, I received a message saying my licence was valid until March 2022. I replaced my existing licence in 2012, would this licence be valid for 10 years? Please would you clarify this as, obviously, I don't want to be driving without a valid licence.

Asked on 1 September 2020 by Roger B

Answered by Georgia Petrie
That's unusual, when you turn 70 you're supposed to reapply for your entitlement to drive. The ten year renewal just applies to the photocard, so you have to renew when you turn 70 regardless of whether the previous photocard is expired or not. I'd try to get through to DVLA, but I'm aware they're facing significant delays at the moment off the back of the lockdown. If you can apply for a renewal online then I'd do that because you can drive legally while it's being processed, even if the licence hasn't come back yet: www.gov.uk/renew-driving-licence-at-70
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