Accident history of our new car wasn't disclosed. What are our rights?

My wife bought a MINI Convertible from a main dealer just before the covid pandemic kicked off and when she bought it, we took it back the next day as we had spotted a small dent in the rear bumper. It looked like a very bad repair job by on the rear bumper, which doesn't sit right. The dealer said once its garages open again, they'll get it in the workshop to have a look. However, a friend of ours who works in a small garage pointed out that the car - at some point - has had a rear shunt as the wheel arch and paintwork below the boot opening is all split like a hairline fracture due to the impact it had. It's a2019 model, so wasn't cheap when we bought it. Are we within our rights to demand a new bumper is put on and painted instead of a repair job?

Asked on 10 June 2020 by jason h

Answered by Dan Powell
The salesperson should have disclosed the vehicle's accident history at the time of sale. If they didn't, you'll be entitled to a full refund. However, if you are happy with the model of car, I would work with the dealer and ask for a replacement 19-plate MINI. For your legal rights, see:
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