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My three-year-old BMW 320i SE Touring has just encountered a DSC unit failure and I have been quoted £425 for the repair by the local dealer. The car is three months out of warranty and has only done 18,000 miles. As a goodwill gesture BMW are offering to pay for the replacement part (£180 approx). I had expected a larger contribution, am I being unreasonable or is BMW being stingy?

Asked on 4 September 2010 by DA, Bristol

Answered by Honest John
This will be the standard ABS/ESP problem affecting a lot of cars, most prominently VAG group models. VAG won't separate and repair the modules, so the cost of the replacement can be £1,500 before any contribution from VW. BMW only replace the section containing the defective sensor. Yes, I think to get the job done for £425 minus £180 is quite fair in the circumstances. They must be using the same fix as ecutesting.com/vw_golf_touran_abs_pump_module.html
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