Do distance selling regulations apply if I didn't see a car before buying it?

I purchased a car, without seeing it, over the telephone. The garage selling the vehicle said that they do not practice 'distance selling' but agreed to send me a video, after which I accepted the car and paid for it. Delivery was free. I was under the impression that if no physical contact was made at any time during the buying process, this constituted a 'distance contract' - whereby a 14 day period was available for me to return the vehicle and reclaim a full refund, subject to the car being in the same condition as when delivered. The garage are now saying that this was not a 'distance selling' contract and no such return rights are available to me unless I either sell it back to them at commercial rates or buy another of their vehicles. How do I stand on this legally?

Asked on 28 May 2020 by lawrence Carmalt

Answered by Dan Powell
If you have not set foot on the dealer's premises during the purchase or collection of the vehicle (and all the paperwork was completed by e-mail) then it is classed as a distance sale. If you visited the dealer to sign a document or pay a deposit then it will not qualify as a distance sale, because you have physically visited the premises.
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