Can I drive if the DVLA has my licence renewal application?

My wife made a postal application to renew her driving licence (she is over 70) in March. She has heard nothing from DVLA and all attempts through website, email and phone to pursue the non-appearance of a new licence have failed. Is she still entitled to drive when her existing licence runs out in June? How can she pursue the matter, or should she just wait for normal service to resume (eventually)?

Asked on 29 May 2020 by John M

Answered by Georgia Petrie
The DVLA is no longer accepting paper applications, they haven't ever since the outbreak started. So the online forms are now being used for renewals. However, the DVLA says on their site: "Providing you have a current driving licence and you have not been told by your doctor or optician that you should not drive, you will be able to drive while DVLA is considering your application."

So your wife can still drive, provided she doesn't need a medical or eyesight test in order to do so. We've reached out to the DVLA about the delays.
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