I can't get through to the DVLA to sort out my licence renewal. What should I try?

I’ve tried to renew my licence (over 70) online but DVLA can’t match my details to anyone on their database. I have an original paper licence and we have lived at our current address for 29 years. However, for postal reasons, our address on the DVLA database has my wife’s surname in front of our house name and that is different to the address on my paper licence. Could this be the problem? It’s almost impossible to contact DVLA by phone so I’m stumped. My licence expires in early August. Can you think of anything else I could try? Thanks.

Asked on 30 June 2020 by Hywel S

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Could be the issue, but we can't be sure. The DVLA is suffering long delays currently, which we expect to lessen as the year goes on (assuming we don't go into another national lockdown). You can drive while the DVLA is processing your licence, but only if they're processing it so if you can't manage to renew online due to the error then that may leave you unable to drive until it's sorted. The DVLA has told us they're taking calls again now from non-key workers but we've had multiple reports from readers that they can't get through. I'm afraid it sounds like you've come upon the renewal error at seemingly the worst possible time.
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