Should I buy an electric car if I don't have a home charger?

I'm looking to sell on my current car soon and that leaves me in a strange situation. I want a practical, comfortable and interesting car, but I'm also not wanting to destroy the planet and want cheaper bills. At the moment, I spend £120-£150 a month just travelling to work. My commute daily is 23 miles each way, about two-thirds of this is on A roads or dual carriageways. I want to invest in getting an EV. With trade-in value and some cash, I have about £10,000 tops and I'm not wanting to go into finance deals. I also don't have a driveway to charge an EV. What would you suggest?

Asked on 28 May 2020 by Maxmotor1

Answered by Dan Powell
I would not advise buying an EV if you do not have a place to charge it at home or at work. Your budget will get you a Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe, but this will be the older models and (based on owner feedback) the real world range appears to be in the region of 90 miles. Given your long commute, I would recommend choosing a diesel. I know this isn't very interesting, but your budget will get you a crossover like the Honda HR-V. It's comfortable, practical and has a strong reputation for reliability:
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