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Light relief

I have a new Polo and find that on switching on the ignition the headlights come on. I then drive the car all the time with headlights on. Surely sidelights only would be sufficient to meet the new rules and save energy at the same time.

Asked on 21 August 2010 by AM, Scarborough

Answered by Honest John
No, these are Daytime Running Lights. Manufacturers have to fit them from 2011 onwards and many now fit them already. Some allow you to switch them off via one of the column stalk menus. My readers tell me, on the Polo, if you want to switch them off: 1) Insert key in ignition - don't turn at all. 2) Turn headlight switch to "0" position. 3) Move indicator stalk to left position and pull towards you in flash position 4) Turn ignition on, but not the engine. 5) Wait at least 4 seconds and you will hear 3 bleeps, operation complete - DRLs
deactivated. Please note, I haven't tried this myself, and I can’t tell you how to switch them back on.
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