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Diode straits

I am being constantly blinded in the last few weeks by new Skodas, Mercedes and Audis with unfocused, super bright LEDs presumably used as 'always on' daylight running lights. These are much brighter than the fairy lights Audis were originally sporting. They are potentially blinding, unnecessary and surely are defeating their purpose of making driving safer? Do these lights comply with the lighting regulations? Where do I sign a petition to get rid of them? What inappropriately used technology on cars are we to expect next?

Asked on 14 August 2010 by AD, Preston

Answered by Honest John
This is the first complaint I have ever received of anyone being blinded by LED DRLs. Dipped Xenon DRLs, yes. LEDs, no. I concede that some of those fitted in headlamp surrounds are a bit bright, but those fitted lower or under the bumper are no problem at all. You might need to see a doctor or pay a visit to Specsavers to find out if there is any reason why your eyes are over sensitive. Old UK RVLRs have been overridden by COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2008/89/EC of 24 September 2008 amending Council Directive 76/756/EEC concerning the installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on motor vehicles and requiring this to be incorporated into member state law by 15th October 2009.
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