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Warp speed

I purchased my 406 automatic, petrol engine, new in June 2000 from a main dealer in France. After about 6 months and coming down an incline on a Spanish motorway I had to brake forcefully to avoid someone coming on to the motorway. To my abject horror the steering wheel vibrated very violently until I released the brake pedal. I took it to a main dealer in Spain who said it was the front brake discs and pads, which they changed under warranty, after another couple of months in the UK the same thing happened so I took it to a main dealer who did exactly the same as the Spanish dealer. Out of warranty it occurred again and new pads and discs were fitted. 2 years ago here in France it happened yet again and the local main dealer, who I have used for 9 years, changed the discs and pads a fourth time. Now the problem has occurred yet again and the local Peugeot garage has the car to investigate further.

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The front discs on 406s are prone to warping, but you tell me the car is an automatic so the reason for this could be keeping your foot on the brakes after a long brake. What happens then is that the rest of the disc cools down, but the part of the disc clamped by the pads doesn't, and that's what causes the discs to warp.
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