Strange steering on my Outlander?

I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander D-ID 2.0. I'm having some real problems with my steerin - at the moment the steering feels really sloppy and the steering wheel pulsates (kick back) in the opposite direction when I'm turning the wheel.

After talking to different people the suggested the power steering pump or steering rack may be at fault.

So I bought myself a recon power steering pump and had my mechanic fit this, including a new belt and new fluid. (I had my old power steering pump tested and it came back as 100% working)

The kick back is still present but not as violent, but the steering is still very light and sloppy feels like I'm driving in the snow.

There are no abnormal noises coming from the steering, fluid level is ok, checked for air bubbles in reservoir, checked all wishbones/ lower arms, bushes, tie rod ends, links, anti roll bar and had my mechanic checked the rack for any signs of leaks - all seems OK.

Any ideas?

Asked on 31 March 2013 by killerking

Answered by Honest John
Reads like too much toe-in. Needs re-aligning at a branch of
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