How long will petrol last when it's sat in a car?

Could you advise on the shelf life of petrol? I refuelled my Volvo XC60 with Shell 99 RON one month ago and I've not used the car to go more than a few miles since.

Asked on 17 April 2020 by Raoul Coppens-Browne

Answered by Dan Powell
The petrol in your Volvo XC60 should be fine for up six months. If you think the car will be parked for longer it might be an idea to add a fuel stabiliser (this will prevent the chemicals within the fuel from breaking down).

If the car has been parked up for less than six months, I'd recommend adding a few litres of premium fuel (Shell V-Power or BP ultimate) before you attempt a long journey. Premium fuel contains stabilisers and detergents that are designed to cope with this type of situation.
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