Should I hold out for the LWB Suzuki Jimny?

I'm struck by the cute, new Suzuki Jimny. I might be able to do some recreational off-roading, but I don't want a one-trick pony. So, with the possibility of a LWB model looking more a probability, filling a space left by everything else that's gone upmarket, that looks like a better bet. It certainly would up the practicality stakes for me: more space for camping gear, bigger roof tent, maybe a bike inside with a wheel off. Would a longer wheel base potentially make this a better cruiser?

Asked on 6 April 2020 by rmaxibiza

Answered by Andrew Brady
While a five-door Jimny is rumoured to be in development, we'd be surprised to see it sold in the UK. The future of the Jimny is under threat as its high CO2 emissions hinders the brand's ability to hit new CO2 targets being introduced across Europe in 2021. To answer your question, yes, a longer wheelbase would probably make the Jimny a slightly better cruiser - but not as much as a more refined engine and six-speed gearbox would. It could be worth looking at the Suzuki Vitara - it might not be as capable as the Jimny off road, but it sounds like it'd suit your requirements better.
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