Am I allowed to deliver a car on trade plates to a customer during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Is it okay to deliver a customer's classic car, which they bought from me, during the coronavirus lockdown? I'm a trader and will deliver the car on trade plates. I need to drive 200 miles to do so. Although not essential, they have spent £30,000 and would like the car in their possession - which I think is totally fair.

Asked on 31 March 2020 by Darren Robinson

Answered by Keith Moody
The Government advice is very clear, I'm afraid - unless you're a key worker then it's essential travel only. Essential travel is things like getting food and medical supplies, not driving 200 miles to deliver a car. While I totally appreciate you'd like to complete the transaction, bear the following things in mind. How are you going to get home? Public transport is running a reduced service. How do you plan to deliver the car contact-free? Even new car dealers are unable to do this. What happens if you have an accident? Our emergency services are operating at almost full capacity, now is not the time to stretch them. What will the new owner do with the car? He's unlikely to take a £30k classic to pop and get milk and bread. How will you explain what you're doing to the police? Roadblocks are in place and forces like Lancaster have already issued £120 fixed penalty notices. In times like this we need to be socially responsible and follow the Government advice to ensure that the virus does not spread.
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