Is it true that my SEAT can't be trickle charged due to specialised battery tech?

We own a SEAT Arona FR auto and we need to self isolate as we are in a high risk group so won't be driving the car for the next 3 weeks. We wish to put the battery on trickle charge. We have a C-TEK charger (recommended by you). I wanted to ensure I didn't have to disconnect anything so I read the car's manual. It says, "It should be charged by a specialised workshop due to using battery specialised technology. I've never heard such tosh but I thought I should check with you.

Asked on 31 March 2020 by priceyoneputt

Answered by Dan Powell
We have received the following statement from SEAT:

"We’d generally tell customers not to trickle charge their vehicles, these are certainly unusual times. Our customer helplines remain open, as well as the live chat feature on, so in the first instance we’d advise a customer contact us for guidance on their individual case. A vehicle can be trickle charged but it’s important to note that our vehicles use Lithium-ion batteries so if a customer wishes to utilise a smart charger then it must be compatible for this battery type, and it must not be rated more than 32A with a capacity of 250Ah."
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