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Some time ago you were good enough to give some very helpful advice. I hope you are willing to repeat the trick. I have a 2005 Mondeo diesel bought at one year old with 15k miles from a retailer who specialises exclusively in factory-sourced one-year-old Fords. It has now done less than 50k miles and has always been main dealer serviced. Last week the nearside front coil spring broke, costing £200+ for a main dealer replacement. At my request the dealer spoke to Ford to see if they would help with the cost, but no. My case for help is this:-
1. I've been driving for 50 years and have kept cars up to 150k miles,
and never had this happen before. So it's not down to my mad headed crashing into obstacles.
2. 50k miles of careful use is way below the life-expectancy of suspension parts (I would hope).
3. I'm not Jack-the-Lad, but a pensioner who slaloms around potholes and slows to walking-pace for speed-humps (annoying other drivers, but - I thought - protecting my suspension) and never drives up kerbs.
Am I expecting too much of a cynical system, or is there some way I might get Ford to accept some responsibility, do you think?

Asked on 10 July 2010 by MM, via email

Answered by Honest John
Coil spring failure is now common on all European built cars fitted with European made coil springs. The reasons are the winding of the springs, the finishing of the springs at the ends, the seating of the springs, but mostly the profusion of speed humps and cushions that cars are now forced to negotiate in the UK. The most stupid aspect of this ridiculous folly is that the installation of speed humps and cushions actually breaks up the surface and the sub structure of the road from the constant pounding of vehicles rising and falling over them. Far Eastern springs are, however, much more resistant to failure.
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