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Tyre fitter scuffed my car's alloys - do I have a legal right for them to pay for replacements?

I have just had two new tyres fitted by my local tyre fitters. During the fitting of the new tyres to the wheels, they scored each of the spokes on both alloys in a constant radius. They apologised and said that they'll get them repaired. The car is not yet three years old yet, still under warranty and only done 32,000 miles. I have had it from new. The Alloys were in perfect condition so I am very unhappy about having a repair as I have no idea if the repair will stand the test of time. Am I in my rights to demand that they pay for a new replacement pair of alloys from SEAT?

Asked on 16 March 2020 by Brian Thomas

Answered by Dan Powell
You cannot demand a new set of wheels from SEAT, but you should expect the wheels to be repaired to their previous perfect condition. If the tyre fitter is unable to do this (or if the repair is unsatisfactory) I would demand payment for a replacement set of wheels.
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