What's a good budget car for a 20 year old driver?

Our son is 20 years old, with a clean licence held for three years. He has about £1500 to spend on a car, plus £1000 for insurance. I'm afraid he knows very little about car maintenance. What would you recommend he looks for?

Asked on 9 March 2020 by emerald

Answered by Andrew Brady
Look for a Ford Fiesta with the reliable 1.25-litre petrol engine. It's a great little car and there are loads about, so your son can be picky about buying one he likes the look of. I'd buy from a private seller rather than a dealer - it gives you chance to meet the previous owner and get an idea for how the car's been cared for. Ask to see evidence of regular servicing and look for one with a long MoT - at this price, a car with a short MoT can be deemed worthless within a few months. Also consider a Toyota Yaris.
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