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I own a 2.0 170 TDI PD with DPF and on our web site Seatcupra.net and other VAG web sites we are getting news of the franchised dealers reflashing the ECUs to a lower PS (about 155) so the reliability improves for the DPF and associated sensors. My question is: a) is this legal, because you are NOT told when the car goes in for service that this action is being taken. b) Could you take the franchise to court, in that the car is NO LONGER as described and would you have any mileage in the small claims courts?

Asked on 19 June 2010 by KT via email

Answered by Honest John
That's an odd one. I didn't know. But, of course, if you are not getting the power output the car was sold to you with you can demand a refund for the car. Superchips offers a service to remove DPFs altogether and reflash the ECU to match. Gets rid of an unwanted hindrance. But we don't yet know if future diesel emissions smoke opacity tests will be toughened up for cars that are supposed to have DPFs. Probably not. But you never know the busybodies needing to justify their jobs paid for by the taxpayer will do next.
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