A vehicle continually parks and causes an obstruction outside my house - what can I do?

There are laybys outside the houses on the street where I live. My neighbour has a small lorry (crew cab flat back type) and he has to bump it up onto the path at the back of the layby so it doesn't stick out onto the road, however it makes it difficult to see to get out of the layby and I have had several drivers pip their horns at me and make obscene gestures at me when I have pulled out although I go really slowly and peep and creep. I reverse in so that it is easier to get out but I cannot see over or below the cab to see if anything is coming up the street. I have spoken to him but he doesn't care and just seems to park it closer to my car to make it even more difficult for me. It has been broken into at least twice because he leaves tools in the cab which means if he parked at the side of me it may result in my car getting damaged as well. Again he doesn't care. He is young and arrogant. The council don't deem this has an obstruction. Can anyone please advise me?

Asked on 25 February 2020 by Anne

Answered by Georgia Petrie
While this does sound irritating, we don't believe it's actually an obstruction if it's legally parked on the road. What you could do is check it for tax and MoT on the Gov website to make sure it's all legal. However, there isn't much else we can suggest, unfortunately.
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