Is a hybrid car a good choice for long distance driving?

I regularly drive from York to Stirling and all points inbetween for my new job I'm not paid very much so would the Suzuki Ignis mild hybrid do the job?

Asked on 20 February 2020 by george stephenson

Answered by Andrew Brady
It would do the job but it wouldn't be our choice for a journey like that. Don't buy it for its hybrid credentials for a start - it's only a mild-hybrid with negligible fuel economy benefits. It's also a car that's best suited to urban driving - there are better, more comfortable small cars for motorway driving. We'd suggest looking at something more conventional like a Ford Fiesta or Hyundai i20. Don't dismiss diesels, either... if most of your driving is on the motorway, a diesel will be much more efficient than a petrol or hybrid car.
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