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I swapped my 2004 MG Rover for a 2002 FIAT Stilo 1.8 16v Dynamic. The thing is I’ve been completely ripped off. I was told by the seller that there was only a problem with the exhaust and at times the engine cuts out. However today I had a diagnostic done and there are all sorts of faults. The steering column, exhaust engine sensors, airbags, etc. It keeps saying airbag failure, stop engine. I’ve already been ripped off £3,000 and don’t want to be ripped off anymore. Please can you give me some advice?

Asked on 5 June 2010 by SW, via email

Answered by Honest John
Law here: The problem is even if you win a small claims track action against a scumbag you may not be able to enforce the judgement on him. Probably best to get Trading Standards onto him. This does, of course, assume he is a dealer. If this was a private deal there's not much you can do.
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