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My wife insisted that I wrote to you before rushing headlong in pursuit of another zany half-baked plan. My bitch (not my esteemed wife) is that I have paid millions in depreciation in 40 years of car ownership. The plan? Buy a car that will appreciate. The idea is to keep our new Volvo C30 until it starts appreciating. (There is a catch here, which is that we won't live long enough, but back to the plan.) We also have a Renault Laguna Tourer on lease that is due to go back to Renault. We need an estate car from time to time to carry mowers for repair, go to the dump, help daughters move their worlds and take the dogs places, even holidays. The answer: a Citroen Safari. Am I mad? If I am then a Mercedes E Class 200 estate.

Asked on 22 May 2010 by P.R., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
I see what you mean. But with Sterling plummeting (and continuing to plummet), our wonderful currency is actually dropping faster than the asset values of a lot of cars anyway. Many new car prices rose 15% - 20% last year and will probably do so this year again. So, whatever the other rates of inflation we have New Car Price Inflation of 15% - 20%. Buy right and buy the right new car in the first place and you won't lose much in ££££s. That said, if you still want to go for a golden oldie, the best guy for a W124 estate is Nicholas Froome at
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