What's a sensible warm hatch to replace my Audi TT?

I currently drive an Audi TT, which I really enjoy, however it's no longer compatible with having two children. I would like a reasonably powerful hatchback, probably 2-3 years old and safe for the kids. I have driven a Leon 2.0 TDI 150 and found it very pleasant. I was considering an Octavia vRS also. A Hyundai i30 or Kia Ceed with a 1.4 petrol might be an option or the Honda Civic. What do you think? Anything I'm missing?

Asked on 27 January 2020 by BB1

Answered by Andrew Brady
First of all, I'd decide whether you need a petrol or diesel. If you cover lots of miles (more than 12,000 a year) including regular motorway trips, a diesel might make more sense. Otherwise, I'd suggest a petrol. Will your budget stretch to the latest Ford Focus? It's a good car and, with the 1.5 EcoBoost engine, has plenty of power. Alternatively a Kia Ceed or Hyundai i30 might be a good choice.
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