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For the past 40 years we have needed our cars to be suitable to carry elderly family members. We are now searching for a car that is fun to drive, preferably a convertible, but also need to install a child car seat. It would also be helpful if the car handled well in snow and icy conditions. We drive an average 15,000 miles pa and a budget of up to £35k. Can you help in our search for just such a car?

Asked on 8 May 2010 by G.J., Saddleworth

Answered by Honest John
BMW 3-Series coupe cabrio, Infiniti G37 coupe cabrio, Lexus IS250C, but you'll need a set of winter wheels and tyres for the snow.
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Smart looks, excellent engines, practical metal folding roof, decent luggage space can be augmented by lowering rear seat backrests.
Folding metal-roof. Stylish looks. Generous standard equipment levels. Impressive refinement.
Incredibly refined. Barely any top-down turbulence. Metal-folding roof retracts smoothly. Effortless performance.


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