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I have been a member of the AA for several years but since they were taken over by private equity, the service seems to have sharply deteriorated. This is a pity. The AA was always a good organisation and even though I hardly ever claimed, I was happy to continue my association because I respected what it stood for. At my last renewal, far from loyalty being rewarded, I was offered a subscription well in excess of what I could obtain as a new member. I therefore decided not to renew and guess what? The subscription was immediately reduced. I expect this kind of disloyalty from banks but not the good old AA. Unfortunately, the AA seems to attract many other claims of sharp practice these days. Even if they don't want to reward loyalty, it’s a bit sneaky to give new members a better deal than faithful old ones.

Asked on 8 May 2010 by J.S., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
That is simply how a Private Equity Firm operates a business like this. Readers tell me that the RAC plays it exactly the same. Squeeze members as hard as they can in the hope a percentage will simply pay up. Quite a large percentage does. Readers should be aware of similar treatment with any annual renewal, especially those by direct debit. It’s how a lot of income gets redirected from the middle classes to the offshore rich.
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