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Catastrophic converter

My 05 plate Golf Plus 1.6FSI has recently Catalytic Converter failure with only 24,162 miles on the clock. I intend writing to VW to ask for their comments and to see if they would like to inspect the failed parts. What do you think of my chances of any recompense to a bill I have been informed will be over £1,000? If they don't come up with any offer is their any other course of action I could take?

Asked on 1 May 2010 by T.B., Sheffield

Answered by Honest John
No legal action, no. You can only rely on VW goodwill. Are you the same reader whose Golf 1.6FSI required a pair of new lambda sensors as well, at a cost of £450? This engine is very fuel sensitive. It does need to be run on 98Ron, preferably 99Ron Super. Running on 95Ron eventually causes trouble.
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