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I have been advised to write to you for some advice, my wife and I decided to purchase a Smart car during 2009 and wished to take advantage of the scrappage scheme, our old car was first registered on the 1st October 1999, when we first visited the dealership they were given all of the details and in fact we went in the car so they were able to confirm everything, we were assured that the car was within the scheme. We have finally received a reply from the customer service department basically saying they have done nothing wrong and the matter is closed. We feel that we have been very badly treated and do not know if we have any course of redress or whether we just have to take it up the exhaust pipe, so to speak.

Asked on 3 April 2010 by N.R., Swindon

Answered by Honest John
The scrappage scheme was extended to cover your old car on 28th
September 2009, the very day you were told your old car could not be made to qualify. On that basis I think you might find it worthwhile going to a solicitor, having the solicitor write to the dealership pointing this out and, if the dealer still refuses to help, taking out a small claims action against the dealership for the £2,000 you should have got.
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