One cloner car?

We are looking to change our aging 3 Series BMW in the next couple of months and have been following with interest your views on the merits of the KIA cee’d and the Hyundai i30. Both cars seem to fit the bill with regards to costs (purchase and running), warranty, guarantee and versatility. However, I am a little confused. Are they the same car, give or take the front grill and the rear light cluster, or have I missed a trick? I am long enough in the tooth to remember the Austin and Morris 1100, the Riley Elf and the Wolseley Hornet etc that didn't have much to choose between them. I know that KIA offers a 7-year warranty, but Hyundai only 5. I expect that I am not alone in wondering why this Korean manufacturing giant has introduced two such similar models to the European market. I, and your readers, will be most interested in hearing your opinion of this marketing strategy.

Asked on 20 March 2010 by M.J., Lincoln

Answered by Honest John
Pretty much the same car built in mirror image factories just 50km apart either side of the Czech/Slovakian border and benefiting from Czech Republic and Slovakian government grants. One builds the engines. The other builds the transmissions. But i30s are assembled in the Hyundai factory and cee'ds in the KIA factory. Hyundai offers a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty on its entire range. KIA now offers a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty on its entire range. Video test of latest cee'd at:
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