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I had a spring broken by one of those confounded ‘speed cushion’ hazards and realised that to refer to them in the politically correct format will never make anybody understand their lethal (and anti-environmental) character. They have nothing to do with speed: quite the reverse. Nor are they soft and comfortable, so not cushions either. The term was conjured up skilfully but dishonestly by vested interests that thought us all too stupid to see through the spin. Nothing new in that. So with the aim of helping people to perceive their true nature, and honestly calling a spade a spade, perhaps they ought to be renamed "POTHILLS" - that is inverted potholes. I make you a gift of this idea and trust it will assist your campaign to rid us of this pernicious nuisance.

Asked on 30 January 2010 by D.W., Hampton

Answered by Honest John
Brilliant. ‘Pothills’ it shall be. I anticipate widespread fury as taxpayers slowly realise that their money needed to repair January’s frost damaged roads has already been spent infesting them with pothills.
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