Does Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) in a Volkswagen make a significant difference to ride comfort?

We have a Golf GTI performance edition (2017 model) and love it to bits. The firm ride is great for the times when you want to push on. But - we find the ride is too firm/harsh when driving normally and just pottering about. We have already fitted Michelin CrossClimate Tyres which have helped a bit. If we were to change to a new GTI, does the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) make a significant difference to ride comfort?

Asked on 10 October 2019 by David (Sheffield)

Answered by Andrew Brady
If you stick to the smaller 18-inch wheels, the DCC probably isn't necessary. It might be worthwhile if you want larger wheels, but a GTI on 19-inch wheels wouldn't be my choice if ride comfort is important...
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