Should we go for a petrol or diesel as our next car?

We want to upgrade our family car which at the moment is a Hyundai i30. We were considering getting a diesel Volvo V40 but are confused whether this would be our best option? My partner drives a 44 mile round trip a day taking him 20-25 mins each way. Our aim is really the best mileage, low tax and insurance would be great too and reliable. Our budget is about £11,000.

Asked on 19 September 2019 by Samantha Purver

Answered by Andrew Brady
For that mileage we'd suggest a petrol would probably be a better option. Diesels work well for those who regularly cover long journeys, but a diesel isn't going to get up to temperature and regularly regenerate its particulate filter if it's rarely driven for more than 20-25 minutes at a time. A petrol V40 might be a good choice, although it is feeling a little dated now. The latest Hyundai i30 would be in budget and would be an excellent choice, as would a Honda Civic.
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