I am looking for a quiet and comfortable used car for about £10,000 - what do you suggest?

I am looking for a quiet and comfortable used car for about £10,000. I want petrol car and will consider hybrids/ EVs - although doubt I can afford a good one. Economy is not of real importance, but, that said, I don't want high emissions resulting in higher tax and, in my area, a slightly more expensive parking permit. I am out of the country on and off for a total of six months.

I would like something with a bit of luxury. I'm especially keen on attractive interiors. I want a car that allows me to listen to music that doesn't need a high volume (distracting and distortion of sound), so a quiet car. I want one that rides smoothly. It needs to be a decent cruiser on motorways and comfortable on long runs. I would prefer an SUV for ease of access, although not critical.

Asked on 13 September 2019 by Robert Heywood

Answered by Andrew Brady
We'd take a look at an Audi Q5. Your budget will get you a 2010 model with the 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engine. It's got an excellent interior and is a very comfortable motorway cruiser. Being an older, premium model, it might have slightly higher running costs than a newer mainstream car but, on the flip side, you'll be getting a classy SUV on a limited budget. If this concerns you, consider a Honda CR-V - it's reliable and your budget will get a newer example, but its interior isn't as upmarket. I'd also consider a Skoda Superb. It's not an SUV but it's a lovely long-distance cruiser that represents excellent value for money on the second-hand market. Finding a petrol might be difficult, though - most are diesels.
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