We need a small car to fit in our very narrow garage?

We live in a small street of terraced houses with a small garage but limited off street parking. We currently drive an old Mini Metro that just about fits in the garage. I want to change it for a Volkswagen Polo, which is a very nice car. But although it fits in the garage, there is not enough room to open the door of the car when it is in. My wife says that it therefore does not fit in the garage and we should keep the Metro. I say that it does fit in the garage (although you cannot open the doors) and we should get the Polo. Which one of us is right?

Asked on 12 September 2019 by Albert

Answered by Andrew Brady
As nice as the Polo is, you're going to struggle if you can't get out of it once it's parked in the garage. Can you park on the road instead? Alternatively, consider something smaller. This might help: www.honestjohn.co.uk/topten/top-10-narrowest-cars/

Alternatively, you could hold onto your Metro. It's a modern classic...
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