My American friend got a ticket while driving my car and I'm now being prosecuted. Will I be held responsible?

My friend was visiting from the US and agreed to do some errands for me driving my car. He said he has 'DOC' coverage, meaning his insurance covers him to drive other people's cars. He then got two tickets from a speed camera while driving my car. I am now being prosecuted for letting an uninsured driver use my car because I have no proof of his insurance. He is being evasive about giving it to me because he wants to avoid a raise in his rates from the tickets. Who is responsible for providing proof of insurance in this case? If he was not really insured to drive my car, will I be held responsible? What is the average cost of penalty for this?

Asked on 13 August 2019 by Sally Jenson

Answered by Tim Kelly
Firstly, you should not have let him use your vehicle without written proof. He is talking a nonsense to you, it will not affect his insurance in any way. His Insurance in the states would not have covered him in the UK. You, as the registered owner of the car, are responsible for making sure it is insured. Yes, you will be held responsible. You could be fined up to £5000 and possibly receive 6-8 points or a driving ban. This is a very serious offence. You need him to put in writing that he "willfully" lied to you in advising he was insured when he wasn't, and that you were given the impression that he was insured. This should then hopefully take the onus off you.
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