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Are there any small cars with sliding doors?

I am returning to the UK after some years and shall need to change my car. I currently have a Renault Kangoo diesel. It's economical, spacious, comfortable, with upright, high and I love the sliding doors in the rear. I don't need such a big car now but would still hope for sliding doors and also being high off the ground. Any ideas?

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There aren't many cars with sliding doors that are smaller than the Kangoo. A Ford B-MAX would meet your needs, but production ended in 2017. Alternatively, if you're happy to compromise on the sliding doors, a crossover SUV like the Skoda Karoq might be a good choice.
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Sliding side doors and no central pillar mean unimpeded access. Five star Euro NCAP rating. Engines include 1.0 litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol. Decent drive.

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