My car has been cloned - I have told the police but do I need to tell potential buyers?

My car number has been cloned - I have notified the Met Police and been given a crime reference number - the vehicle was picked up when it entered a bus lane in London. I have also notified the DVLA. I am in the process of selling the vehicle - do I have to tell any buyer that it has been cloned ?.

Asked on 20 June 2019 by MCDUFF

Answered by Dan Powell
Yes, you will have to tell the buyer about the numberplate clone. If you don't, the DVLA and police may assume the new owner is the car cloning criminal when they apply for the new V5C logbook.

Be honest about the situation, it will save a lot of stress and confusion. If the buyer really wants the car then they will be happy to wait a week or two for the authorities to investigate. The DVLA may issue a new registration for the vehicle if the police are unable to trace the criminal copy.
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