If a car is not being driven for several months can it be SORNd?

A relative has had an illness recently and hasn't driven for about three months. His car is parked up on his drive. He's not likely to be able to drive for a while yet, but doesn't want to get rid of the car as he's likely to be able to drive in the future and it's been adapted for his disability. The MoT is due at the end of the month. Can we declare it SORN and if so what happens about the tax and insurance?

Asked on 8 June 2019 by James Heaton

Answered by David Ross
You can put the car on a SORN and then it does require tax or insurance. However, it must be kept on private land - a driveway is fine. Many classic car owner's do this for six months of the year (over the winter) when they're not driving their car. The car doesn't need an MoT during that time either.

You can do it online very easily here: www.gov.uk/make-a-sorn
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