How can I work out how much I can tow?

I have a mobile food trailer that has been modified for my business. The maximum axle weight on the chassis is 1500kg. Is it okay to tow this or do I need to go to a weigh bridge to check it? Will the police need me to carry proof of the weight of the trailer or is the chassis plate enough?

Asked on 15 May 2019 by Timothy James Stocks

Answered by Dan Powell
Before towing, you'll need to know three things:

-The weight of the food trailer
-The maximum towing weight of the car/van
-The total permitted weight of the vehicle and the trailer

The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) tells you how much a vehicle or a trailer can legally weigh in order to be used on the road, while the Gross Train Weight (GTW) or Gross Combination Weight (GCW), is the total, permitted weight of the vehicle, the trailer and everything it’s carrying. You can find these figures on the van or trailer’s chassis plate, in the handbook and sometimes on the V5C registration certificate.

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