Is uneven tyre wear causing issues with my four-wheel drive BMW?

I purchased a BMW X3 new in 2017. The car developed a noise at around 20000 miles which was diagnosed as front nearside wheel bearing and replaced under warranty. But there is still a noise other than engine or tyre related. It varies with speed and sounds much like the wheel bearing noise. Having owned a first generation X3 with DFW and transmission problems I am worried this noise may be transmission or turbo related. Are you aware of any similar problems with this model X3?

Asked on 29 April 2019 by Barry Dove

Answered by Honest John
A disparity in tyre depth of more than 3mm upsets the xDrive system and at 20,000 miles that might be what is causing the noise. So check the depths of tread on the tyres. If the fronts and rears are the same size it's best to swap them front to rear same side every 10,000 miles to even out the wear so they can all be replaced at the same time.
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