My 20 year old TT requires work to pass its MoT - is it worth investing in it?

The dreaded MoT is fast approaching for my much loved twenty-year-old Audi TT Quattro. I have a nasty feeling both the catalytic converters have or are about to expire. In the winter months, I get a lot of white condensation from the tailpipes all the time even when warm, accompanied by the strong smell of petrol fumes. This has been a brilliant fast, safe and reliable car which is now worth peanuts. It has covered 95k with a full-service history, overall the bodywork, interior etc are in excellent order. Should I bite the bullet and pay for the repairs? If the worst happens, what other pocket rocket can I buy with a tiny budget of £2k max?

Asked on 29 April 2019 by Stuart Hall

Answered by Andrew Brady
I'm a big fan of the original Audi TT - if you like it, spend money on it. With full service and in excellent condition, it's probably at the bottom of its depreciation curve and might start to go up in value soon. Obviously, as a modern classic, it'll require regular maintenance - but it'll be more interesting than driving another generic runabout. You know your car well and its quirks - with a £2000 budget, you could easily buy something else that'll require even more work.
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