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Whats a comfortable family car for someone with chronic pain?

A member of my family suffers from chronic pain and we need a very comfortable car with very soft springing. We currently have a C5 with Hydractive 3 suspension, which has been brilliant but it's reaching the end of its life. With a budget of up to £9000 can you suggest two or three potential replacements apart from another C5. The absolute priority is a soft suspension. Beyond this, economy and reliability. We do lots of long distance motorway driving so nothing smaller than a C4, with Passat size being best.

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Citroen is still probably the best manufacturer when it comes to create softly-sprung cars. A C4 Cactus has a very good ride and would be a good option, I think. Your budget will get you a tidy 2016 example with the BlueHDi diesel engine. I'd also consider a Skoda Octavia Scout - it's an estate car with increased ground clearance and a softer ride.
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