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What SUV do you recommend for towing a 1200kg trailer?

I want an automatic crossover/SUV capable of towing 1200kg, preferably with a wet clutch. My budget is £25,000 to £30,000. I fancy the new Ford Focus and Mazda CX-5 but would value your input.

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Generally we advise towing no more than 85 per cent of a car's kerb weight - so, to tow 1200kg, you'll be looking at a car that weighs at least 1400kg. Fortunately, most crossover SUVs are at least that heavy. The Mazda CX-5 is a good option, although diesels are better at towing and Mazda diesels can be problematic. We've not had many reports of issues with the current CX-5, although it is still relatively new. I'd be tempted by a Skoda Karoq - a 2.0-litre DSG auto with 4x4 is within budget and it will make a very good tow car.
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