What is a reliable family car?

I need to trade in my three-year-old Mazda 6 2.2 diesel. I drive approximately 20,000 miles per annum but over winding country roads and usually short journeys of 5 to 20 miles with only occasional motorway/long distance journeys. Should I buy diesel/petrol/hybrid? And can you recommend a reliable five-seater family car (ideally comfortable to drive and with a big boot) that won't give me problems?

Asked on 26 February 2019 by Judith Davoren

Answered by Andrew Brady
A hybrid could work - but there aren't many hybrid family cars as big as your Mazda, and many are plug-in hybrids which can be quite thirsty without regular charging. We'd be looking for a petrol. If you like your Mazda, issues aside, the petrol Mazda 6 is more reliable than the diesel. Also, consider a Skoda Superb or Volvo S60. Both are very comfortable options.
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