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How can I guard against keyless theft?

I have a 2016 BMW 520d with keyless ignition. Can these keys be cloned when in the house allowing the car to be stolen from my drive? If so what measures can I take to prevent this?

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Our review of the Monojoy signal blocking bag covers how these types of keyless thefts work and what you can do to prevent them:

If you want a more physical solution to put your mind at ease, I'd take a read of our steering lock reviews. We've tested both the Stoplock Pro ( and Disklok (

If you don't want to pay anything, you can actually just put your keys in a tin with a sealed lid and that sometimes stops the signal being picked up. It's very easy to test, simply put your key in a tin (like an empty biscuit tin) and then walk out to your car. If it doesn't unlock when you're close by then it isn't picking up the signal.
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