How does webuyanycar value vehicles?

Should one be wary of Webuyanycar valuations? I was offered £3600 on provisionally setting up an appointment but the price online dropped to £3400 so am dubious about actually going to their venue. My car has had no damage and a FSH so I wonder what the mechanisms this company uses to value vehicles?

Asked on 9 November 2018 by Sandie Cummins

Answered by Honest John is owned by BCA that uses it to source cars for its auctions. In addition to the car's condition, the prices offered depend on the aggregate prices that the age, make and model of car is achieving in BCA auctions and this can change daily. Of course, BCA also aims to make a profit between the price it pays you and the price it obtains at auction. The advantages are a quick, no hassle sale and that you get the money within five working days. You might get more by advertising and selling privately if you want to go through the pain and risk.
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