Is an EV actually cost effective?

I am trying to decide on my next car. With pure EVs I hear of £50 pcm battery lease and then whatever commercial charging points cost. What is the sort of cost per KwH charged at these places? If the cost of motorway fuel is anything to go by, it will be well in excess of the price per KwH I pay at home.

Asked on 15 October 2018 by David Archer

Answered by Andrew Brady
Ecotricity, which operates all motorway EV chargers in the UK (Tesla's Supercharger network aside), charges 30p/kWh. This drops to 15p/kWh for Ecotricity's home energy customers. I regularly use them to charge my Volkswagen e-Golf ( and find it costs around £7 to charge it up to 80 per cent from near empty. I can get around 120 miles from that.
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