What's a good small automatic that's economical and reliable?

I have a budget of around £4k and am looking for a small automatic that will mostly do city driving and school runs for my wife. I have read that MMT (Yaris) and DSG gearboxes are troublesome. The Yaris would be the perfect size car it’s unfortunate that it has a MMT gearbox. What's the best small car automatic that will give decent fuel economy and is reliable?

Asked on 25 September 2018 by Sayeed Ahmed

Answered by Andrew Brady
CVT gearboxes are good for reliability and economy. For £4k you can get a really good example of the 2001-2008 Honda Jazz, which is a versatile and very reliable little car with the CVT-7 gearbox. Avoid early examples of the next generation model, which used an i-SHIFT automated manual gearbox. This wasn't as reliable and Honda soon went back to a CVT transmission.
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