I accidentally scratched a car parked next to me - should I tell my insurers?

It's really windy at the moment and when getting out of a parked car my door blew open and scratched the one beside it. I looked for the owner it but didn't find them so left a note saying sorry and my number. I came back after but the car was gone.
That was almost 24 hours ago and no one called me. I went to the shop to check if they have CCTV but they don't. Should I report it?

Asked on 19 September 2018 by Leah

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would give them 48 hours to contact you, then contact your insurer and advise that you are notifying them for "informational purpose only". You are not making a claim, but make them aware of what happened. Advise your insurer that should anyone contact them you insist they contact you, as you may wish to pay for it yourself and it should not be logged as a claim under any circumstances.
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